(2020, TRT 10:59 minutes, HD video, mostly in French)


This work consists of 30 short video entries made during the COVID-19 confinement. It gives us glimpses of the artist’s life with her partner and their daughter, on outings, doing chores, and working in the studio. While functioning as a variation of a family home-video, it also acts as documentation of Lequin’s art practice.


The film currently under review for film festivals and is password protected.


Please get it touch (via email) to view. (Don’t be shy)


Job Interviews 1, 2, 3

(2014, TRT: 12 minutes, HD video)





TOP 30

(2012, Feature Length)

Top 30 is a work in-progress and is presented as a multi-channels video project or a live performance. Using the experience of turning 30 as a conceptual catalyst, I have created a list of songs for each year of my life, a “Top 30”. For the project, I found non-actress women of each age to sing a song from my Top 30; and I wrote a short anecdotal idiosyncratic story for each year. This idea for this project came together in 2009 when I was living in a suitcase traveling and attending artist residencies. Because I was isolated and far from my comforting everyday, I began to wonder what I had been doing all my life. And then I started thinking about the idea of turning 30. I looked back and created a narrative for each year of my life.

Chapter 28


Chapter 29


Chapter 30





(2010, TRT: 10:34:09)

True Stories (almost) is loosely based on my recent experience in conversation with three people closely involved with my personal life. The reenactments, all performed by me, are inspired by vocal exchanges on how I should manage my everyday life and art career. Edited to create a coherent narrative collage, the video piece will be exhibited as a split screen four-channel projection. An excerpt is posted in the videos section.






(2009, TRT: 8:00)

Knitting together excerpts from the NPR show of the same name and my own fabricated responses, Car Talk presents a fictional conversation between myself and the two radio icons discussing my linguistic troubles, my Québécoise identity and life as an artist.


(2007, TRT: 27:00:00)

Using still images, voice over and guests stars, my application for the popular radio show describes how a big part of my life is spent waiting.



(2007, Live Performance, 38 minutes)


(2007, TRT 6:47:20)

The Gossip Videos give a few inside stories about the making of the book “The Ice Skating Tree Opera- Director’s Cuts”. The project was published by 2nd Cannons in 2007 in Los Angeles, California.


(2006, TRT 2:46)

This video announces my perpetually-delayed book completion.



(2006, TRT 10:36)

In this project I’m directing two acquaintances by showing how to better imitate myself, while talking about matters related to my personal life and describing a performance project.


(2005, TRT 5:19)

As a native French speaker, I attempt to clarify a monologue about my own work through improved English enunciation. Playing double roles as both myself and the (voice-overed) speech coach, the conversation appears comprehensible at first but quickly falls to ambiguity and confusion.


(2003, TRT 24:00)

Using skateboarding as a device to meet people and explore a new city, I wander around Los Angeles with a skateboard in my car.